We have several different types of memberships:
An Individual working membership is $50. The member is required to volunteer 12 hours, work one shoot, and attend one meeting per quarter
A Family working membership is $75. The family is required to volunteer 18 hours, work one shoot, and attend one meeting per quarter
Associate membership (resides >35 miles from club) is $45. The associate must attend one meeting per quarter.
Junior membership (17 and under) is $25.
Individual Non-working membership is $150. Individual must attend one meeting per quarter.
Family Non-working membership is $200. Adult member must attend one meeting per quarter.

Working members must complete their required hours between March 1st and February 28th of each working year. Required hours not worked will be assessed a $5 per hour fee. This fee will be added to membership dues at time of renewal.

Below are our bylaws and constitution along with our membership form.


Membership Levels

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To find out more about the Panther Creek Bowhunters Club or to become a member please email us at the Contact page, or at info@panthercreekbowhunters.com.  You may also contact one of our club officers.  Please click on our Schedule page for a listing of upcoming shoots, or the Scores page to check your score from a previous shoot.  We look forward to seeing you.

Paypal for Membership Fees

We now have paypal available to pay for your Membership Fees.  Fees are due by the end of March of every year.  Click this paypal link below to make your payment.

Sign-Up for volunteer hours for Club Shoots

​We are asking all members to volunteer for at least one of the club shoots this year.  We need four volunteers per shoot.