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Thanks to everyone for a great year of shooting at the Panther Creek Bowhunters Club. We hope that everyone had an enjoyable time spending time outside and participating in the various forms of archery at the club. The scores from the last shoot have been posted on our Scores page.

​Officer elections coming up Oct. 19

Coming up this month the club officer elections will be held at our last monthly members meeting for 2015 year. The meeting will be Monday Oct. 19 at 6:30pm. Please come out and cast your vote, and find out what is going on with the our Club.

​Volunteer hours needed...
Remember that if you do not get all of your volunteer hours in, that there will be a $5/hr fee added to your membership dues for next year. There will be 1 or 2 more opportunities this year to get your hours in. We are expanding the storage shed, and we will also be bringing in some of the targets for the winter. Please contact one of the officers to find out how many hours you need.

PCBH Club Members

Please remember that this club belongs to all of us. Help is needed to maintain the grounds and on the day of shoots. Get your volunteer hours in by helping around the club. We need help with mowing, and trimming. There is a riding mower and trimmer at the club to use if you don't bring your own. Thank you.

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The club operates and maintains a facility
consisting of a clubhouse, a 13 target practice range, 30 target 3D course (with room for a second course) and a 28 target field course. We have also recently installed a broadhead only range for members to get ready for the archery season.
Operating expenses are funded by membership fees and proceeds from sponsored 3D and field shoots. Club funds are spent to further the sport of archery by purchasing targets, range upkeep and general club maintenance. All work and administration is volunteered as there are no paid employees. Club meetings are held every third Monday from April - September at our clubhouse.

Panther Creek Bowhunters Archery Club is a non-profit organization open to archers of all ages and classes. The club was established in 1956, making it one of the oldest in IL. It is located in the Chatham/Springfield area just south of Lake Springfield. The Club sits on 80+ acres of timbered land with rolling trails perfect for our 3D and field archery courses. Our clubhouse is just down the main entrance right next to our open practice range with targets in 5 yard increments from 20 out to 80 yards!

​​The club was organized and is dedicated to promote, encourage and foster the sport of archery. We are the longest continually chartered member of the NFAA and have hosted multiple state and regional tournaments. We are also proud members of the Illinois Archery Association. The club actively promotes all forms of archery including 3D, field, indoor and lawful bowhunting. We are a family oriented organization which emphasizes archery as a sport for the entire family. Club members include individuals of all ages, shooting styles and skill levels.